EpiWear - a life-saving device for allergic people - Hitecher
EpiWear — устройство, спасающее жизнь аллергикам

EpiWear – a life-saving device for allergic people

by Hitecher

Highly allergic people know all too well that there are moments when an epinephrine injection is the only remedy against a dangerous attack. But it is impossible to permanently carry around a drug-filled syringe, so allergic people’s health is constantly under threat.

The Rice University students have found a solution to this challenge — they have created a folding syringe called EpiWear that can be worn on an arm like a normal wrist watch.

Once an allergic person feels an attack coming, he opens the device, applies it to his thigh, disconnects the safety lock and presses the button to allow the drug to penetrate his body. This approach allows to avoid delays, which in emergency situations can lead to a person’s death.

The syringe’s design prevents any accidental triggering. It consists of three parts printed on a 3D printer. Scientists are now working to make the invention even more compact and visible in the dark.


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