Drones Learn to See Aircraft - Hitecher
Дроны научились видеть самолеты

Drones Learn to See Aircraft

by Hitecher

Iris Automation has developed an automated course correction system for drones. It will enable safe use of UAVs at high altitudes facilitating their implementation and expanding their scope of application.

According to company representatives, it is a universal system suitable for any types of drones regardless of their weight, size and operation mode.

It includes a computing unit that integrates with the onboard autopilot system and an ultra-sensitive camera. The algorithms developed using machine learning give the computing unit the ability to recognize images received via the camera analyzing them for any moving objects a drone risks colliding with.

The system also calculates the distance to the object detected, determines which way it is moving and analyzes whether their trajectories can cross. In the event of a collision risk, the program will adjust the drone’s course to avoid an accident. Such systems are of great importance for practical use of drones with a lot of companies engaged in their development.


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