Drone makes first kidney transplant delivery - Hitecher
Беспилотник впервые перевез почку на пересадку

Drone makes first kidney transplant delivery

by Hitecher

Scientists from the University of Maryland have transported a human kidney using a drone, followed by successful transplantation into a critically ill patient. This is the first such case in history.

The distance traveled by the drone is not specified, but official sources at the university report that the organ was delivered to a medical center in Baltimore, where the university is located.

This event has important implications for the medical field, as organs are often damaged due to slow delivery, rendering them unsuitable for use. Official statistics show that these defects are noted in 1.5% of all cases. Although this might not sound like a large number, this is a matter of life and death.

It is reported that the kidney was stored in a special container supporting favorable conditions to preserve the organ. The kidney was transplanted into a 44 year old patient who had been waiting for the operation for almost 8 years. She made a quick recovery and has already been discharged from hospital.  


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  1. HillaryN


    It's a good one if drones can actually make such kind of delivery.