Doggo: the robot stuntman - Hitecher
Робот-трюкач Doggo

Doggo: the robot stuntman

by Hitecher

Doggo was created by students at Stanford University. The machine is built in a way that it can be assembled by anyone. The necessary components can be purchased in stores, while the software and necessary documentation are publicly available.

The robot’s characteristic feature is its ability to perform acrobatic stunts: Doggo can make high jumps and even backflips, which is astonishing considering its low cost of assembly.

In terms of design, Doggo looks a lot like other four-legged devices, but it stands out because users have the option of building it themselves. According to its creators, the cost of all components is under $3 thousand, while machines with similar functionality cost more than $10 thousand.

The device has a weight of around 5 kg and 42×20 cm dimensions. The construction was developed in a way that would allow any user to build it from available materials.

The legs used for Doggo are particularly noteworthy — each one of them is made up of 4 parts. The base of each leg contains two motors that are connected with elements on top. This enables the machine to move in any direction. The engines serve as load cells, so the device does not require any additional shock absorption features. It can be controlled remotely.


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