DJI drones to be equipped with aircraft detectors - Hitecher
Дроны DJI оснастят детекторами других летательных аппаратов

DJI drones to be equipped with aircraft detectors

by Hitecher

Drone manufacturers are currently hard at work developing mechanisms that will prevent air accidents. Chinese company DJI is no exception: their latest plan is to install special safety detectors onto their devices.

DJI representatives announced that starting in 2020, company drones will be equipped with a new safety system based on recent developments made in the aviation industry — ADS-B. Today, this technology is being actively used in commercial aviation to inform pilots about their location. In practice, this is a radar which displays aircraft movements in real time.

DJI has managed to adapt the ADS-B system to work for drones. The modification was dubbed AirSense. Drones equipped with this technology will receive information about plane and helicopter movements in advance. Signals will be displayed on the user’s screen, warning them about potential collisions. This will make it much safer to use drones.


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