Diver Robot to Search for European Treasures - Hitecher
Diver Robot to Search for European Treasures

Diver Robot to Search for European Treasures

by Hitecher

It will scout for them in flooded mines numbering about 30 thousand in Europe.

Over hundreds of years, Europe has accumulated a great number of abandoned mines, some of which got flooded with water. Most of them were abandoned, as there were no more minerals left in them, but some of them still have huge reserves of valuable minerals. UX-1 Robotic Explore, a submersible robot being tested in several countries including Great Britain, Slovenia, Finland and Portugal will help find them.

The machine can swim non-stop for five hours demonstrating the endurance a human can only dream of. The robot is equipped with five cameras making sure that no detail can escape its attention. The device can also analyze water composition making a valuable contribution to the research.

UX-1 Robotic Explore is still being worked on: scientists still have to build the final version of the machine capable of going down to a depth of over 500 meters and operating autonomously (it is currently operated using a special remote control.

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