How our galaxy will be colonized? - Hitecher
How our galaxy will be colonized?

How our galaxy will be colonized?

by Hitecher

Chinese scientists have attempted to answer this question, by creating a computer model, demonstrating how people can settle in the Milky Way.

Colonization of other planets has been on the minds of people for a long time, but what will this process look like? The research by Chinese scientists presents the most likely scenario for human settlement across the galaxy.

The first challenge in settling on other planets is the enormous resources required and new technology, which according to research, will only appear in a decade’s time.

Scientists considered around 100 thousand planetary systems as  having potential for colonization. These experts shared the most interesting routes for settlement.

They started by showing how humanity would leave the Solar system. Upon reaching a planet deemed suitable for living, the settlers would start a colony. Later, the planet would serve as a base for other space flights.

The missions would make use of enormous spaceships carrying a large number of people. As these ‘trips’ might take a long time to complete, hundreds of thousands of generations will pass during a single flight, with descendants of the first travelers arriving at the final destination.

The end of the simulation features a demonstration of humanity settling in the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way.

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