Bon appetit: carnivorous plants can consume vertebrate animals   - Hitecher
Приятного аппетита: плотоядные растения оказались в состоянии есть позвоночных животных

Bon appetit: carnivorous plants can consume vertebrate animals  

by Hitecher

Until recently, the prevailing scientific thought was that carnivorous plants only ate flies, spiders and caterpillars. However, a new study shows that these conclusions were made prematurely. Canadian scientists have revealed the true abilities of carnivorous plants.

In 2017-2018, a group of Canadian researchers studied vegetation in a region replete with peat bogs in Ontario (Canada). The researchers soon discovered that carnivorous plants are capable of consuming vertebrate animals, such as baby salamanders.

The animals had been captured by a sarracenia purpurea, or purple pitcher plant — a common flower that grows in North American bogs. In 2017, eight similar cases were recorded. This number has only increased since then. Sometimes, scientists even discovered several reptiles inside a single flower.

After being captured by a purple pitcher plant, the animals were digested with bacteria living inside the plant. The salamanders fell victim to the flower when they were hunting for moths or trying to hide from predators.


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