Artificial intelligence has learned to create seasonings - Hitecher
Искусственный интеллект научился создавать приправы

Artificial intelligence has learned to create seasonings

by Hitecher

Artificial intelligence "ONE", created by IBM Corporation jointly with food producer McCormick & Company, has already invented several types of flavors that will reach the market this year.

McCormick & Company is a U.S.-based food manufacturer whose products – mainly are all kinds of food seasonings and spices – are known worldwide.

It has been several years since McCormick & Company teamed up with IBM, a major software manufacturer. This collaboration has led to creation of artificial intelligence called “ONE” which helps develop seasoning mixes for various dishes.

According to the project’s authors, ONE enables to reduce the time of flavor development by three times. At the moment, seasonings have been created for chicken, pork and New Orleans sausages, which will become available already this spring.]

Collaboration between such different companies highlights the way high technologies are proliferating across all spheres of our life.


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