A German Circus Replaces Animals with Holograms - Hitecher
Немецкий цирк заменил животных голограммами

A German Circus Replaces Animals with Holograms

by Hitecher

Many fear that robots will one day take away our jobs. But who would have thought that technological advances can put animals out of work? So, for example, German Circus Roncalli completely stopped using four-legged performers replacing them with holograms.

Animal rights activists have long complained about cruel treatment of animals in circuses, and one of the German circus companies has given an adequate response to this issue in line with the spirit of the 21st century. Spectators will not see any real tigers, monkeys and bears at Circus Roncalli any more, but they can enjoy holograms of exotic animals.

The transition did not make the show less spectacular; on the contrary, the circus attracted greater public attention. Images are displayed on an Optoma circular screen located in the center of the arena. All the protective barriers and frames were removed, as animal holograms, however realistic they may be, can do no damage.

Animal-free circus shows are becoming a worldwide trend. Circus Roncalli started this process at the end of last year by using animal holograms as part of its shows.


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