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Устройство, которое заглушает звук, не блокируя воздух

A Device That Silences Noise without Blocking Airflow

by Hitecher

As is known, sound is a wave propagating through the air, therefore, to achieve high-quality sound insulation, airflow has to be blocked. You can forget about it now, as a device that silences almost all the noise without interfering with the air circulation has been created.

People have been quite creative in blocking extra sounds. The walls of rehearsal studios and concert halls have always been covered with special noise absorbing materials, and residential buildings are often times soundproofed against noisy neighbors. The device created by Boston University scientists allows you to take a fresh look at the problem.

A Device That Silences Noise without Blocking Airflow

The device was printed using a simple 3D printer. It has a ring shape with a spiral inside. The device’s shape calculated with millimeter precision enables it to push sound waves away while letting air pass through. The researchers claim that the ring blocks up to 94% of sounds. They have supported their words with the video showing the effectiveness of the device.

The device may have many applications in various spheres. For example, it can be used to silence the noise of jet engines or ventilation systems.


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