A competitor to the famous SpotMini robot is created in China - Hitecher
В Китае создали конкурента знаменитому роботу SpotMini

A competitor to the famous SpotMini robot is created in China

by Hitecher

Not long ago, Boston Dynamics introduced SpotMini, a four-legged robot scheduled to go on sale this summer. The device’s key feature is its ability to move objects whose weight is many times greater than its own. The innovation has caused such a sensation that a potential competitor to SpotMini has been created in China.

AlienGo is a robot developed by the Chinese company Unitree Robotics. It was built on the basis of Laikago created two years ago. But unlike its predecessor, it is fitted with a protective casing and visual sensors enhancing its spatial orientation.

So far, there is no exact information about the «inside» of the device, but the company’s video suggests that AlienGo will get a stereo and a depth camera.

Like SpotMini, AlienGo has a flat body with four legs. The device featuring a simple minimalist design has many electric drives setting its legs in motion. The robot is able not only to move forward and backward, but also to tilt and turn.

So far, AlienGo’s price and sales launch date remain a mystery.


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