396 Drugs and Treatment Methods - Hitecher
396 лекарств и методов лечения устарели

396 Drugs and Treatment Methods

by Hitecher

These are the conclusions made by the scientists who studied UK and USA medical industry for 15 years. The reasons for the disappointing "diagnosis" are corruption, prejudice, and the long time it takes to bring new drugs to the market.

The situation concerning the treatment of cardiovascular diseases is particularly alarming with one fifth of the treatment methods found to be risky. This area medicine is also notorious for the greatest number of medical errors and low-quality drugs.

An example would be drug Avastin which was recommended for the treatment of breast cancer in 2008 to be recalled only three years later. It turned out that the practical efficacy of the drug was lower than claimed.

High drug prices is another important issue. From 2013 to 2015, the cost of medical services in the United States increased by 20%. However, there is little to suggest that such a rapid growth in prices has come with improved drug efficacy.

The degradation of the industry is large measure due to physicians’ reluctance to go against industry leadership’s policies and the pharmaceutical giants’ lobby.


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