25 Tons of Weight Maneuvered by Hand: A Unique Building Technology - Hitecher
Передвинуть 25 тонн голыми руками: уникальная строительная технология

25 Tons of Weight Maneuvered by Hand: A Unique Building Technology

by Hitecher

Egyptian pyramids, stunning statues on Easter Island and other amazing monuments of ancient cultures have been puzzling scientists for many decades: how did people manage to create anything that grand without having construction equipment? However, engineers have found a way to replicate their success.

It was 5 years ago that Matter Design studio started its collaboration with CEMEX engineers to develop huge concrete boulders that can be assembled by hand like building block sets. It the task seems to be impossible, but a vivid example of the 7 Wonders of the World and science can work wonders.

The key to performing the task are unusual rounded shapes of the boulders that are made of concrete with varying densities to ensure precise control over the centers of gravity providing for easy handling of the blocks without any special equipment, even though some of them weigh up to 25 tons.

By «rolling» the bizarre construction material, engineers can assemble whole walls, platforms and staircases. The elaborate slots and interlocking elements allow the «bricks» to hold together without any glue or cement. The aim of the project was to find an adequate construction solution for areas that are not easily accessible for construction equipment, such as mountains and water bodies.


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