cancer treatment

Today, oncological diseases are a leading cause of death. Experts in medicine, chemistry and biology are hard at work developing medications and treatment methods. The fight against cancer is made difficult by the fact that it’s not just an illness with specific symptoms and causes. Oncological diseases are caused by DNA mutations that lead to malfunctions of various systems inside people’s bodies. Essentially, a specific set of mutations represents a separate disease that needs to be tackled. Personalized treatment is considered the most promising approach: a specific set of medications aimed at preventing tumor growth is developed for each patient.

Как современная наука и медицина борются с раком

Contemporary science and medicine in the fight against cancer

In just a few years, scientists are hoping to achieve a breakthrough in diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases. Modern technologies…
Ученые вырастили кровеносные сосуды из стволовых клеток

Scientists grow blood vessels from stem cells

This spells a breakthrough in the treatment of cancer, diabetes and other diseases.
A New Way To Fight Cancer

A New Way To Fight Cancer

Researchers from the University of Basel have come up with a new way to fight cancer. After carefully studying…

Cancer treatment revolution: scientists received Nobel Prize for developing immunotherapy

This year the Nobel Prize in the field of physiology and medicine has been given to James Ellison…