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The column is about technological novelties and their creators. It features regular overviews and analytical articles on the most advanced technologies, expert projections and materials on breakthrough ideas that became sensations on recent techno forums. Follow with us the way high technologies daily change the reality we are used to making it look increasingly like fantasy films about future.

Google+ to Close down Early after Data Leak Affecting Over 50 Million User Accounts

The company will close down its service for ordinary users in April.

China launches a spacecraft to the far side of the Moon

The exploration spacecraft is to touch down on the moon in early January.

Audi to invest € 14 billion in electric cars with autopilot

Volkswagen is aggressively developing a strategy for the transition from hydrocarbon fuel to electricity. By 2025, the Group of companies…

Mozilla adds support for several languages to its VR browser to expand the audience

In addition to English, the new version of Firefox Reality 1.1 browser now supports Chinese (Mandarin), French, Italian, German,…

Hackers Gain Access to Data of 100 Million Quora User Accounts

Employees of the Quora knowledge sharing service discovered that unknown hackers managed to access one of the company’s…

2001: A Space Odyssey helps launch the first 8K channel

On 1 December, NHK TV Company launched the first super-high definition 8k television channel. The new broadcasting format which…

Yandex Launches a Project to Analyze Internet Resources on Runet

The new service entitled «Yandex.Radar» covers 10,000 websites popular in the Russian segment. The rating of top…

Blockchain education cards

Driverless Vehicles: How unmanned cars are conquering the world

Automation is taking over the world. The era of traditional manned vehicles is approaching its end. We need to recognize…

What is the IoT?

Definition The IoT is an abbreviation of the English Internet of Things — the term Kevin Ashton coined back in 1999….