Ученые показали пернатых тираннозавров

Researchers demonstrate avian tyrannosaurus

Most people imagine dinosaurs as bald or scaly creatures. U.S. researchers decided to dispel this misconception by showing what tyrannosaurus hatchlings and babies actually looked like. As it turned out, they resembled birds.
Ученые выяснили, как выглядели предки тираннозавров

Scientists discover T-Rex ancestor

The Moros intrepidus dinosaur, considered an ancestor to legendary T-Rex, turned out to be the size of a large dog. These are the conclusions made by the paleontologists responsible for making this discovery in Utah.
Древние ящеры возвращаются в виде роботов

Ancient Lizards Brought Back to Life as Robots

People have always had an inquisitive mind about the past, especially when it comes to those ancient times…