Alex Reinhardt

A venture investor and economist with over 10 years of practical experience in startups and venture capital, a business development expert. Еntrepreneur and founder of over 10 projects in IT and FinTech (financial technologies) with aggregate capitalisation over €100mln including PLATINCOIN and ELVN . World Internet publications — Coin Idol, Bitcoin News Schweiz, Coinspeaker — often feature Alex Reinhardt’s comments on the developments in the crypto market.

Зачем блокчейн миллиардным компаниям?

Why do billion-dollar corporations need blockchain?

While populists are dreaming about blockchain transforming the global financial system, corporations are busy adapting distributed ledger technology to suit their specific business needs
Инфляция в мире криптовалют — конец финансовой стабильности?

Inflation in the Cryptocurrency World: Is It the End of Financial Stability?

A venture investor and economist with over 10 years of practical experience in startups and venture capital, a business development…