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The Boring Company gives priority to public transport

The Boring Company gives priority to public transport

by James B. Hutcherson on

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The Boring Company is continuing to develop a system of urban underground tunnels. But now the new transport network will primarily be designed for pedestrians. In 2016 Elon Musk spoke about the idea of underground tunnels with high-speed platforms where people can transport passenger cars at a speed of more than 200 km per hour. The founder of the company wrote on his Twitter about changing plans and published a video with a general concept.

Passengers will travel in small unmanned buses. In addition to the tunnel system, the company will create many underground parking stations the size of an ordinary parking space. To lower minibuses underground there will be special elevators. The fact that the stations will be compact will allow them to be located more often and in more convenient places.

In addition, Musk clarified why the car’s lighting will be blue: “because blue.”

The Boring Company has already started creating the first tunnels for testing and published a map of the entire network, which will be located near Los Angeles. After the company successfully provides passenger transportation, it will then deal with the transportation of private cars.

The Boring Company became known to the general public after advertising the company by selling baseball caps. In December 2017, Musk announced that if he could sell 50,000 baseball caps the company would start producing flamethrowers. In early 2018, all flamethrowers were sold out in a week.

In addition to the creation of urban transport, The Boring Company will build a hyperloop route between New York and Washington. A hyperloop passenger capsule will move in a vacuum tube using the principle of magnetic levitation. The planned maximum speed of such a vehicle is 1.2 thousand kilometers per hour.

Other companies are also working on the construction of such routes, for example, Virgin Hyperloop One.

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