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Mozilla добавила поддержку нескольких языков в своем VR веб-браузере, чтобы расширить аудиторию

Mozilla adds support for several languages to its VR browser to expand the audience

by James B. Hutcherson on

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In addition to English, the new version of Firefox Reality 1.1 browser now supports Chinese (Mandarin), French, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish and Korean languages.

The update will enable the Company to make the product attractive to a larger audience and promote AR and VR in general.

In addition to a larger selection of languages, Mozilla developers made some modifications to enable more convenient web page viewing.

The browser now supports panoramic videos, so users can get completely immersed in 360-degree format in the ‘first person’.

There is still one more upgrade — a theatre viewing mode that allows, while viewing, to black out the surroundings the way it is done in the cinemas to enhance the viewing experience.

Web surfing will now be more convenient by voice search supported in all eight languages allowing users to do completely without the virtual keyboard.

Going forward, Mozilla plans to make Firefox Reality even more user friendly. For example, it will be possible to synchronise tabs across various devices and exchange them between Firefox Reality and Chrome VR.

Future releases may also feature simultaneous management of multiple windows and multiple-party use of a browser.

Unlike Chrome VR and Oculus Browser software, Firefox Reality allows for a uniform approach on various AR and VR devices. The new version is available in Viveport, Oculus and Daydream stores.

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