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DroneBullet: дрон — убийца дронов

DroneBullet: the drone that kills other drones

Military budgets of most leading countries already include expenses on building drone fighting machines. There are many ways to disarm them. But what better way to fight a drone than with another drone?
Как развернуть Wi-Fi в зоне стихийного бедствия

How to install Wi-Fi in a natural disaster zone

Insufficiently rapid reactions to natural disasters often lead to many deaths which could be reduced by setting up better connection within the area. Weather, a subsidiary of IBM, predicts that up to seven hurricanes will hit the United States in 2019. There are currently plans to develop quick Internet installation technology to deal with these disasters.
Дроны научились видеть самолеты

Drones Learn to See Aircraft

Iris Automation has developed an automated course correction system for drones. It will enable safe use of UAVs at high altitudes facilitating their implementation and expanding their scope of application.

How to perform a crash test with minimum damage to the car

Before a new car goes on sale, the automaker needs to know how it will behave in an accident. To this end, the manufacturer performs a series of crash tests that inflict severe damage to the vehicle. But when it comes to high-end cars, even the richest company can’t afford such luxury...

Modern Motorcycle Security System Presented by Taiwanese Company

Security systems extensively employed in motor vehicles are hardly ever used in the motorcycle industry leading to a large number of accidents. Taiwanese company Senzar has decided to change this situation.

Scientists Create Patches to Prevent Face Recognition by AI

Many countries are extensively implementing face recognition video surveillance systems. Such a measure, in their opinion, can protect the public from crime, but many civil society representatives see them as a threat to their freedoms and are looking for ways to bypass the ubiquitous tracking system.

Neural network makes heavy metal music in real-time

The project created by Boston-based developers CJ Carr and Zack Zukowski is called Dadabots. They are currently working on teaching artificial intelligence to make music, most notably - to write death metal songs.

Facebook developers learn to control the movements of people recorded on video

Neural networks come up with increasingly more surprises. Artificial intelligence’ rapid progress allows people to do truly unimaginable things, for example control a video character’s movements.

How technology transformed the gaming industry

For decades, the development of the gaming industry has been closely linked with scientific discoveries and novelties in the world of computing technologies. Let’s take a look at how the evolution of engineering impacted the development of the entertainment industry.

A neural network to determine children’s age of by their eye movement  

Artificial intelligence’ main advantage over human intelligence is its accuracy and attention to detail. Scientists from the University of Minnesota have once again confirmed the fact by creating software capable to determine a child age based on his or her eye movement.

Swiss Air Rescue Drones To Help Find Missing People

Drones can perform a variety of tasks  from tending agricultural lands to military operations. Rega is a Swiss organization dedicated to saving missing people. Its representatives have recently announced that they would be using Swiss Air Rescue UAVs for their missions.

Viewers Scared by Weather Forecast with AR Elements

In 2018, American Weather Channel started adding AR elements to its programs. A clear picture supporting the information presented by the hosts improves viewer perception. One of the latest programs has become a direst forecast.

“Brain-computer” interface: what does blood circulation have to do with it?

A direct data exchange between the brain and the computer is a subject of heated discussions in the scientific community. Recently, another breakthrough has been made in this area.

War as a Game: What Do We Know about Microsoft’s Cooperation with US Army

The plans of US technology giant Microsoft to supply 100 thousand HoloLens AR headsets US Armed Forces were announced last year. Let us see what this product is about.

Orion spacecraft safety system passes all tests

NASA announced that the Orion emergency system has successfully completed all tests. The technology was built to safely move spacecraft away from its launch vehicle in case of malfunction.

Apple TV+ and the last video rental store, Spielberg and Netflix

At a recent presentation, Apple introduced several new subscription services including magazine platform Apple News+, iOS and…

Looking for a Violin Teacher? Take a Couple of Lessons from this AI

Spanish scientists from Pompeu Fabra University have created artificial intelligence that can play the violin. The developers have not yet decided whether the programme should teach music or engage in concert activity.

Boston Dynamics will equip robots with 3D vision

Boston Dynamics robots are famously high-tech, but most of them still have a long way to go before they can be integrated into the economy. The company has recently purchased a startup called Kinema Systems, which might completely change the current situation.

Autonomous cars take to the racetrack

Autonomous cars are known for being slow, but certain situations on the road require the ability to quickly react and perform intricate maneuvers. How can self-driving cars pass these tests? Scientists from Stanford University decided to find an answer for this question.

Bill Gates explains why we should all be optimists

Each year, MIT Technology Review selects the top 10 breakthrough technologies of the moment. In 2019, the magazine’s…

Excavators to be controlled by the joystick

Baltimore is an industrial city in the east of the United States. Local researchers have recently created an excavator control system using Stanley Black & Decker’s gaming joystick.

“Marker” Platform: Russia prepares an army of robots

The Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects posted a video clip demonstrating the truly amazing g capabilities of the "Marker" experimental platform.

HELIOS laser weapon to be in service by 2021

The U.S. Navy Command spokespersons shared plans to install the system on an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, which will serve in the Pacific Ocean.

What’s wrong with Facebook’s new strategy?

2018 was the most difficult year for Facebook. Now, the company has announced a complete overhaul of its confidentiality and safety policies. This is not about customer experience - it’s a last-ditch effort to save the company