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New from Tesla: Electric “Semi Truck” and supercar “Roadster”

by Evan Mcbride

Tesla engineers seem to work like steelmakers at a blast furnace: new products of the...

Tesla engineers seem to work like steelmakers at a blast furnace: new products of the company appear constantly and everyone of them becomes a new word in their area.

Semi Truck

A presentation of an electric truck took place on November 16th. A photo of which had earlier been circulated. Prior to the presentation, Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that the Semi Truck “will take the brain to another dimension.” The characteristics of the electric truck have turned out to be really impressive.

The truck can accelerate to 96 km/h in 5 seconds unloaded. And in 20 seconds with a full load of 36 tons. On one charge the Semi can drive 800 km at a constant speed of 100 km/h.

The uturistic appearance of the truck is worked out to the smallest detail. The streamlined shape provides excellent aerodynamic properties. According to the drag coefficient, Semi bypasses not only the usual models of the truck class but even that of the hypercar Bugatti Chiron.

The interior looks no less cool. In the cabin, whose height allows you to stand, the driver’s seat is located in the middle. On each side of the driver there are two monitors which display necessary information: traffic figures, maps, images from rear view cameras, etc.

Elon Musk stressed that all trucks are equipped with an autopilot feature in the standard configuration. This is a significant step in the organization of safe transportation. The autopilot can not yet drive the car without the driver. Algorithms are now implemented that provide automatic braking and the alignment of motion relative to the lane. In case of an emergency situation, for example if the driver becomes unwell, Semi will automatically slow down and call emergency rescue services.

Additional security is provided by a low center of gravity. The danger of overturning a multi-ton truck is much lower in this case.

Braking is provided by 4 regenerating motors so there is no problem with overheating of the brake pads.

Tesla promises a warranty of 1,600,000 km but it is likely that the warranty will not be extended to the batteries.

The truck from Tesla is 20% more profitable to operate in comparison with the diesel equivalent.

The beginning of production is scheduled for 2019. The company also plans to build an additional network of charging stations called Megacharger. In 30 minutes a Semi Truck will be charged enough to drive 640 km.

The truck is available for pre-order. The cost of pre-ordering is $5000.

Walmart has already purchased 15 trucks to test for shipments within the U.S. and Canada as part of its own program to reduce air emissions.


After the presentation of the largest car from Tesla, Musk presented the coolest – the new passenger car, Roadster, which has a sliding glass roof.

According to him, this is the fastest production car: the Roadster accelerates to one hundred in 1.9 seconds with a maximum speed of more than 400 kilometers per hour.

The design of the Roadster meets all of the requirements of a real sports car. At the same time, there are four full seats in the cabin.

Tesla will start selling the Roadster in 2020. The basic option will cost $200,000 but the first one thousand cars will sell for $250,000.

At the presentation, those who pledged $50,000 to buy the sports car could personally experience it.


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