Jeff Bezos and his new dog from Boston Dynamics - Hitecher
Jeff Bezos and his new dog from Boston Dynamics

Jeff Bezos and his new dog from Boston Dynamics

by James B. Hutcherson on

Tech & Security

Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder has visited MARS conference with his new pet, SportMini, a robot of Boston Dynamics. Bezos tweeted he is simply “talking his new dog for a walk”.

Twitter users are making jokes that the entrepreneur and his pet robot look scary enough, just like “they want to kill everyone”.

Boston Dynamics demonstrated an updated model of SpotMini in the fall 2017 and then demonstrated the testing of the robot equipped with a mechanical arm.  In the first company video one robot helps another open the door. The next video shows a man with a hockey stick preventing the robot from turning the door handle, but the mechanical dog manages to leave the room.

Amazon annually holds MARS conference on robotics, artificial intelligence and space study. Last year Jeff Bezos managed to control a huge anthropomorphic robot that looks like a battleship from the “Avatar” movie.

Jeff Bezos likes acting extravagant and many believe that he is competing with Elon Musk. The installation of giant watches, financed by Bezos, was recently launched. Watches worth $ 42 million are located inside a large rock and are planned run 10 thousand years.

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