drones and quadcopters

Though quadcopters, drones and unmanned areal vehicles became popular just a few years ago, we can hardly imagine today’s technology market without them. UAVs with an on-board camera are used to produce professional music videos s and films and everyday people use them to capture vivid moments in their lives. This Section of our website covers news on quadcopters and other flying gadgets.

DroneBullet: дрон — убийца дронов

DroneBullet: the drone that kills other drones

Military budgets of most leading countries already include expenses on building drone fighting machines. There are many ways to disarm them. But what better way to fight a drone than with another drone?
Дроны научились видеть самолеты

Drones Learn to See Aircraft

Iris Automation has developed an automated course correction system for drones. It will enable safe use of UAVs at high altitudes facilitating their implementation and expanding their scope of application.
Беспилотник впервые перевез почку на пересадку

Drone makes first kidney transplant delivery

Scientists from the University of Maryland have transported a human kidney using a drone, followed by successful transplantation into a critically ill patient. This is the first such case in history.

Swiss Air Rescue Drones To Help Find Missing People

Drones can perform a variety of tasks  from tending agricultural lands to military operations. Rega is a Swiss organization dedicated to saving missing people. Its representatives have recently announced that they would be using Swiss Air Rescue UAVs for their missions.

Rhaegal Cargo Drones Ready to Take off

Drones are one of the most promising inventions of the 21st century, which can be used for a variety of purposes. Many people are waiting for the time when delivery services start using unmanned aerial vehicles, which seems to be coming soon.

Drones to help mankind colonise Mars

Using the Martian cavities to house colonisers’ first bases is one of the most popular concepts today. This is where drones come into play to help mapping the intricate alien mazes on the far-off planet.

UDrone: the quadcopter you control with your mind

It’s a new century, which means a brand-new vision for everything. UDrone is a startup that aims to rethink the way we control autonomous aircraft.

Leonardo: A bird-like robot

Leonardo is a case when wildlife inspired robotics. We wrote about an insect robot in…

General Atomics to Teach UK Drones to Prevent Collisions

The American company will equip the United Kingdom’s aircraft with state-of-the-art electronics expanding the scope of their use for military and civilian purposes.

SPRY: amphibian drone is able to fly and swim under water

SwellPro together with Urban Drones has released a waterproof drone SPRY, which can fly as…

Opener has released its BlackFly multi-copter

The Canadian startup company, Opener, has released a single seat multi-copter called BlackFly. It was…

UVL Robotics has attracted $300,000 for the production of drones

The Russian startup, UVL Robotics, is one of the graduates of the accelerator for industrial…

Samsung receives a patent for a “flying display” controlled by eye movements

Samsung continues to come up with unusual solutions for displays. The latest Galaxy models with…

Skydio quadcopter won’t get lost in the forest

Modern drone for aero surveillance are very good in open field but the majority of…

PITTA – A multifunctional modular camera-drone

The startup Eyedea Inc. has created an interesting gadget, PITTA, which combines the capabilities of…

Facebook and Airbus are to develop internet drones together

Both Facebook and Airbus have own projects on internet drones development. Now the companies decided…

Did you order drone? Here it comes!

What associations do you have with drones? Should it be an interesting toy with remote…