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VisionLabs представила Face ID для автомобиля

VisionLabs presents Face ID for cars

by James B. Hutcherson on


The Russian startup VisionLabs has presented face identification technology based on NVIDIA DRIVE IX that enables to monitor the driver’s condition in driving  as well as open the car without keys. Most current autopilot systems run on the same platform.

Thanks to the cameras, the system recognises the driver from a distance and opens the door and monitors his condition when the driver is in the car. This functionality may help detect when situations when the driver is drunk or not feeling well.

The technology has good prospects in the private sector as well as on the taxi services market. For example, it can prevent drivers from overwork and thus enhance passenger safety.

NVIDIA DRIVE IX runs on artificial intelligence and provides opportunities to other companies to use the platform in their own work. VisionLabs solution will come as a special plug-in for DRIVE IX.

VisionLabs jointly with Alphaopen has earlier integrated its face recognition system with the smart home one. The technology will also help protect homes from intruders and make all functionalities more user-friendly.


  1. Can it post Insta pics? :)

  2. Now you can’t driwe when you drunk LOL

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