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Detectify raised € 5 million for a vulnerability scanner of websites

Detectify raised € 5 million for a vulnerability scanner of websites

by Evan Mcbride on


A swedish company called Detectify developing a vulnerability scanner of websites has raised  €5 million. Insight Venture Partners ison the top of the investors list. Paua Ventures and Inventure have also participated in the first stage of the project financing.

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Detectify was established in 2013, when  group of hackers decided to create an instrument for checking websites for vulnerability. Now the company has already 20 staff members. The main feature of Detectify is that it was created by “white” hackers who understand how to hack websites, but work in accordance with ethical principles and do not use the discovered vulnerabilities for illegal actions.

The startup uses an automated system to check the safety of websites with a partial involvement of crowdsourcing. The knowledge base is largely shaped by the activities of professional hackers, disclosing vulnerabilities for reward and Detectify customers receive first-class protection.

Detectify  can be integrated into the process of the website development in order to identify security bottlenecks right on the early stages of the product development. The main feature of the system is the report creation based on tests set individually. After gathering all the information needed Defecity creates a digital footprint of the website and identifies the weakest spots in security systems. Moreover Detectify provides customers with a qualitative and easy to use interface.

Unlike classic vulnerability detection solutions, Detectify takes into account the knowledge of white hackers and creates a system based on advanced data on vulnerability .

The client from different industries are among Detectify clients and they have also different sizes. Detectify clients include such companies like Trello, Le Monde and King. Detectify creators  want to make Internet generally safer, therefore, in principle, they do not choose one sector, but work for companies of any size.

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