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The quantum race has begun

The quantum race has begun

by Evan Mcbride

Robert Shelkopf is a professor at Yale University whose work is currently being used by...

Robert Shelkopf is a professor at Yale University whose work is currently being used by IBM, Intel, and Google in the design of quantum computers.

Long-term storage of information in a quantum system requires the constant correction of errors which arise in the calculations. Shelkopf, together with other physicists, was able to construct elements of superconductors which exhibit the necessary quantum properties when heavily cooled. Scientists managed to organize a stable storage of a qubit of information.

Professor Shelkopf and his two colleagues created their own startup, Quantum Circuits, which will create a working quantum computer. Having a sufficient amount of knowledge in this area, the scientists hope to outstrip corporations. In addition, they see real opportunities for the commercialization of their product: many representatives of business and science will be ready to lease quantum capacity.

The approach of Quantum Circuits will be different from the development of IT corporations. Existing solutions from competitors are designed as separate quantum systems. Shelkopf and his colleagues will develop mini-computers that will be integrated into the network. It can be scaled in the future.

The startup has already received support from Sequoia Capital, which invested $18 million into the development of the project.

For a while a quantum computer from Google with 22 qubits was the most powerful, but recently IBM announced the release of a system with 50 qubits in which quantum states can be maintained for 90 microseconds.

Other companies are conducting their research in quantum computing. Intel has developed a superconductor chip to build a quantum computer. Microsoft is also investing in experiments in this field.


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