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Viber и WhatsApp получили обновления

Viber and WhatsApp get updated

by Hitecher

WhatsApp focuses efforts on security, Viber gets a new design and messaging without phone numbers.

Apple users will be thrilled: the new 2.19.20 version of WhatsApp will have Face ID and Touch ID options. To activate these new features, you need to enter ‘Settings’, select ‘Account’, then ‘Privacy’ and ‘Screen lock’. The Face ID option is available for users of the following iPhone models: X, XR, XS, as well as XS Max. Older versions can only support Touch ID.

Viber, WhatsApp’s closest competitor, also released some new features, albeit in a different area. The app’s 10th version, which will soon be available both in App Store and on Google Play, will reduce message delivery time. Furthermore, users will be able to create group chats and communicate without exchanging phone numbers. A more functional minimalist design is the cherry on top of this update.

Viber and WhatsApp get updated

As for which app to use – that’s for the users to decide. The competition between these two apps can only increase the quality of the services provided, by stimulating both of them to continuously improve.


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