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UDrone - квадрокоптер, управляемый силой мысли

UDrone: the quadcopter you control with your mind

It’s a new century, which means a brand-new vision for everything. UDrone is a startup that aims to rethink the way we control autonomous aircraft.
Открылся предзаказ на покупку летающего мотоцикла Speeder

Flying motorcycle Speeder now available for pre-order

Jetpack Aviation’s decision to release a flying motorcycle came as a great surprise to its clients; the company previously stated that it would focus its efforts on developing a flying automobile.
Folding Fire — костер у вас под рукой

Folding Fire – a campfire at your fingertips

We already have inflatable beds, transformer tents, portable fryers and even barbecue grills you can fit in your backpack. The only thing missing for the perfect camping trip? A portable campfire, of course.
Lomogon Art lens – a lens for true photographers

Lomogon Art lens – a lens for true photographers

The Lomogon is the tenth lens from a New York startup called Lomography. It stands out among its competitors thanks to the range of features and characteristics it offers. The project is raising money on Kickstarter at the moment.
Археологи обнаружили древний храм майя

Archeologists Rediscover Ancient Mayan Temple

Remarkably, the temple was nearly discovered in 1966 by researcher Victor Segovia Pinto. He missed the incredible find by a few hundred meters and it remained untouched for another half-century – to this day.
Суперфонарик VSSL Camp

VSSL Camp super flashlight

Many of you enjoy hiking and camping, but the need to carry a backpack full of gear can darken your vacation. VSSL Camp flashlight has been created to prevent this from happening.
«Хаябуса-2» взял образец грунта с Рюгу

Hayabusa 2 collects sample from the surface of Ryugu

A Japanese space probe has collected a soil sample from the asteroid Ryugu by firing a tantalum pellet at its surface. Photos illustrating this event have been published by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

PAL-V unveils flying car production model

Many companies are currently working on developing prototypes of flying cars, but most of them are still stuck working on concepts, or test models at best. Liberty Pioneer Edition is the first such vehicle that has already been certified and is ready to fly.

Neural network creates work of art, to be sold at auction

A particularly curious lot will be auctioned off at Sotheby’s in London today: an artwork created by artificial intelligence. The estimated price of the exhibit makes it competitive with the finest paintings created by history’s greatest artists.

On guard for dental health: scientists develop next-generation fillings

Unlike existing counterparts, these fillings developed by American scientists are resistant to external effects, which means that they have a practically unlimited lifespan.

Food Wrap – the reusable cling wrap

What can you use to preserve food, if you can’t use plastic cling wrap? Food Wrap, of course! This is also a type of sticky wrap, except it can be reused over and over again, for many years.

Speakers made from waste

UK-based startup Gomi has launched a new project with the goal of solving the world’s garbage problem. The startup is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to launch production of their audio speakers.