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Гидрогелевые линзы помогут вылечить истощение роговицы глаза

Hydrogel lenses will help cure corneal melting

American scientists from the University of New Hampshire have developed a new type of contact lenses that can cure a disease that was previously considered incurable.
Стоит только взглянуть: ученые нашли способ диагностировать синдром Альцгеймера в кратчайшие сроки

It Takes Just an Eye Exam: Scientists Find a Way to Diagnose Alzheimer Disease at Early Stages

The diagnostic method developed by scientists at Duke University (USA) enables the detection of the disease at an early stage. Their methodology is based on monitoring a patient's retina.
Будущее медицины: автономная будка OnMed

The Future of Medicine: OnMed Self-contained Booth

Technological change spans all the spheres of social relations. OnMed self-contained stations, the first of which is scheduled to open in the US later this year, is a vivid example of the introduction of new technologies into our lives.
Ученые создали систему безопасности для кардиостимуляторов

Scientists have created a security system for pacemakers

Hackers can break into any device, including a pacemaker. The scientists at Purdue University have developed a device to avert any potential danger from patients.
Ученые пробудили ото сна древние клетки мамонта

Scientists activate ancient mammoth cells

There has been talk of bringing mammoths back to life for quite some time now. Some scientists limit their ambitions to genetically modifying elephants, while others try to revive the cells of an animal that died thousands of years ago.
Тойоту отправят на Луну

Toyota will put a car on the moon

The famous auto manufacturer is always trying itself in new fields. The company has recently announced an interest in conquering space. Toyota plans to manufacture a rover that will transport astronauts across the surface of the moon.
Устройство, которое заглушает звук, не блокируя воздух

A Device That Silences Noise without Blocking Airflow

As is known, sound is a wave propagating through the air, therefore, to achieve high-quality sound insulation, airflow has to be blocked. You can forget about it now, as a device that silences almost all the noise without interfering with the air circulation has been created.

Nervous System Activity Captured on Video for the First Time

Columbia scientists and engineers were able to videotape fruit fly's nerve cells in action using a 3D microscope.

The first images of Google’s new gamepad are online

Previously, the mass media outlets reported on the company's plans to conquer the video game market. In particular, it is going to release its own streaming service Project Stream to compete with similar projects from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Scientists present the sound of our universe

NASA has posted a video on their official YouTube channel showing a photo taken in space, accompanied by somewhat disturbing, but ultimately spectacular sounds. Representatives from the agency have explained that the ‘music’ was created based on ultrasound signals.

Green Icebergs: How and Why?

We are all used to think of icebergs as white or blue, but in the 20th century saw the discovery of green-colour icebergs. The mysterious natural phenomenon has excited and puzzled scientists, and its causes could not be determined to date.

Researchers demonstrate avian tyrannosaurus

Most people imagine dinosaurs as bald or scaly creatures. U.S. researchers decided to dispel this misconception by showing what tyrannosaurus hatchlings and babies actually looked like. As it turned out, they resembled birds.