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Футбольный клуб из английской Премьер-лиги запустит собственные фан-токены

English premier league football club to launch own fan tokens

London-based football team West Ham United is partnering with blockchain platform to launch their own ecosystem of tokens for fans. This was revealed in a press release on April 30.
HTC планирует выпустить блокчейн-смартфон уже в этом году

HTC plans blockchain smartphone launch this year

Taiwanese household electronics giant HTC has announced plans to release a second-generation blockchain-oriented smartphone this year. The news was shared by local media.
Ученые из России записали «голоса» пульсаров

Russian scientists record pulsar ‘voices’

Pulsars are dead stars characterized by their constant rotation and emission of strong impulses. Scientists love them for this, as pulsars are perfect beacons that can be used for navigation in space by calculating the distance between objects.
Как провести краш-тест, причинив машине минимум повреждений

How to perform a crash test with minimum damage to the car

Before a new car goes on sale, the automaker needs to know how it will behave in an accident. To this end, the manufacturer performs a series of crash tests that inflict severe damage to the vehicle. But when it comes to high-end cars, even the richest company can’t afford such luxury...
Тайваньская компания представила современную систему безопасности для мотоциклов

Modern Motorcycle Security System Presented by Taiwanese Company

Security systems extensively employed in motor vehicles are hardly ever used in the motorcycle industry leading to a large number of accidents. Taiwanese company Senzar has decided to change this situation.
Агентство NASA показало валуны на астероиде Бенну

NASA shows boulders on Asteroid Bennu

At present, Asteroid Bennu is being rigorously studied by interstellar station OSIRIS-REx. Its approach will happen next year, which is why NASA is currently creating a detailed map of the object. The agency has made several photos of the asteroid and posted them online.
Airtop – компьютер для экстремальных случаев

Airtop: a computer for emergencies

Israeli company CompuLab has released the third generation of Airtop mini computers. The new computers are particularly resilient and can be used even under the most difficult circumstances.

China to build a base on the Moon in the next 10 years

The Chinese media have announced Beijing's plans to build a research base on the Earth’s satellite within the next decade, according to spokespersons for the Chinese National Space Agency.

Gene of DNA – the most comprehensive model

Modeling the one billion atoms that make up an entire gene of DNA is not easy, but scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory have done their best to do so. The model they designed will give an insight into the DNA functioning and help develop treatments for many diseases.

‘Air bubble’ will make satellite launches cheaper

The space industry could be developing at a faster pace, but unprecedented costs related to spacecraft construction are preventing its growth. The most costly vehicles can reach high altitudes, serving as platforms for satellites. A newly discovered method might make these vehicles much cheaper to build.

Roscosmos Details the Rockets to Fly to the Moon

Roscosmos Director Dmitry Rogozin met up with representatives of other countries’ space agencies, they visited the Russian Mission Control Center together and discussed the details of Moon exploration.

Neural Network Learns to Translate Brain Signals into Speech

Artificial intelligence developed by scientists from the University of California, San Francisco, has learned to translate human lip movements into speech. What is surprising, is that it works, even if a person does not move his lips, but only thinks about it.

Scientists Create Patches to Prevent Face Recognition by AI

Many countries are extensively implementing face recognition video surveillance systems. Such a measure, in their opinion, can protect the public from crime, but many civil society representatives see them as a threat to their freedoms and are looking for ways to bypass the ubiquitous tracking system.

EpiWear – a life-saving device for allergic people

Highly allergic people know all too well that there are moments when an epinephrine injection is the only remedy against a dangerous attack. But it is impossible to permanently carry around a drug-filled syringe, so allergic people’s health is constantly under threat.

NASA to send a new space drone to Psyche

NASA has approved the design of a new space device, which will explore Psyche - a small volcanic asteroid, located in 2,841 au from the Earth.

How Japanese Kirigami Art Helped Harvard University Scientists to Build a Snake-inspired Robot

Last year, Harvard University scientists demonstrated a soft SEAS robot, designed as a snake. It was recently announced that the robot had been improved. It is noteworthy that researchers borrowed some of their ideas from kirigami, a Japanese 3-dimensional paper-cutting paper craft.

British company organizes first-ever jetpack race

British jetpack manufacturer Gravity Industries signed a contract with XBlades Entertainment to conduct the first jetpack race in history. The companies are also planning on creating a jetpack league. This initiative will benefit development of this technology and attract new investors into the industry.

What will our planet look like when all the ice melts?

Because of global warming, glaciers are starting to melt, which in turn leads to an increase in global sea levels. Since 1961, over 9 trillion tonnes of ice have already melted, with sea levels increasing by 1 mm each year. What results can we expect from this trend?

New discovery brings us closer to 3D printing major organs

There has been talk about the potential of 3D printing in medicine for some time now. At present, it’s not yet possible to print a large, healthy organ, because it takes too much time, killing some cells. A new technology can prevent this.

Another Reason for Evolutionary Change of Human Face Found

British scientists have found another reason that triggered the evolutionary change of ancient people’s faces making them softer and more refined.

P2 Xcursion amphibian plane passes all tests

Electric amphibian planes that can land on water are yet another trend in the world of technology, with many countries working on creating such vehicles. Their ability to land anywhere makes them extremely useful in emergencies.

Scientists create a unique biological material

There is a huge gap between artificial and living organisms, but the world is steadfastly moving towards its narrowing. We may even see self-replicating robots in future. Anyway, a step in this direction has already been made.

Neural network makes heavy metal music in real-time

The project created by Boston-based developers CJ Carr and Zack Zukowski is called Dadabots. They are currently working on teaching artificial intelligence to make music, most notably - to write death metal songs.

Facebook developers learn to control the movements of people recorded on video

Neural networks come up with increasingly more surprises. Artificial intelligence’ rapid progress allows people to do truly unimaginable things, for example control a video character’s movements.