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Биологи обнаружили загадочные морские личинки, из которых появятся неизвестные науке создания

Biologists have discovered mysterious sea larvae which produce unknown-to-science creatures

The ocean is, and the habitat of the species unknown to modern science as well as the least explored place on our planet. The Smithsonian Institution biologists have recently discovered microscopic larvae from which new creatures - so far unknown to man - may be borne.
Ученые рассказали о динозавре с крыльями летучей мыши

Scientists reveal dinosaur with bat wings

For many years, dinosaurs were depicted as enormous reptiles covered in scales, but several recent scientific discoveries confirm a new theory that many ancient inhabitants of our planet were actually covered in feathers. Researchers have recently discovered a new dinosaur species whose wings were covered in skin.
Lenovo создаст уникальный складной компьютер

Lenovo will create a unique folding computer

Lenovo recently presented the concept for their latest device. The project still doesn’t have an official name, but many have rushed to call it a folding computer, even though the gadget might end up looking more like a laptop or tablet.
Ученые обнаружили одно из древнейших в мире деревьев

Scientists discover one of the world’s oldest trees

Scientists from the University of Arkansas published materials on discovering a 2624 year-old tree in a swamp near the Black River (North Carolina).
Alfa-X — японский поезд-пуля

Alfa-X — a Japanese Bullet Train

Alfa-X is a high-speed train presented by JR East this week. The maximum speed the train can travel with is 400 kilometers per hour, which makes it the world’s fastest commercial passenger train.
Миссию «Луна-29» может возглавить робот

Luna-29 mission may be led by robot

According to recently leaked information, the moon rover for the Luna-29 mission might be piloted by an anthropomorphic robot - presumably, FEDOR - currently being developed by NPO ‘Androidnaya Technika’ and the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects.
Парашюты для Starliner были успешно испытаны

Starliner successfully tests parachutes

According to official sources, the unmanned test flight of the Starliner spacecraft will take place in August at the earliest, with the manned launch set for the end of the year. Boeing is currently actively testing the spacecraft. Its parachutes, intended for the crew’s safe landing on Earth inside a capsule, were recently tested in terms of functionality.

Can your shower hose climb walls?

Robotics is an area that is changing right before our eyes, with standard anthropomorphic robots being replaced by flexible devices that are much more manoeuvrable than their unwieldy counterparts.

Buchla Thunder: the new best friend of gamers and musicians

Sensel announced plans to build the multifunctional Morph interface back in 2015. Funding for the project was collected two years later, and the company has just released the Buchla Thunder controller, which was created as an overlay for Morph.

Nua Electrica – a self-charging electric bike

Nua Bikes is a Spanish company that has recently presented an electric bike that is completely different from its analogue counterparts. Lightweight and compact, it doesn't need to be charged at all - it does everything on its own.

Scientists Find a New Species of Millipede

Amber is a unique material where a lot of interesting things can be found. Scientist of the Bulgarian National Museum of Natural History discovered in a piece of amber a millipede that lived on our planet about 99 million years ago.

Dinosaur Robot Demonstrates How Birds Learned to Fly

Scientists have long argued that birds are distant descendants of dinosaurs. However, there seems to have been a transitional species between them, which is called Archeopteryx by the scientific community. Archeopteryxes could not fly, but they made their first attempts to do so.

Protein molecules help to store a Japanese artist’s engraving

Researchers from Harvard and Northwestern University of Chicago have come up with a new way to store information which involves depositing data in protein molecules.

Scientists Create a Sensor Turning Blood Tests into a Thing of the Past

Scientists at Fluid Interfaces Group organization have created a sensor that collects data on biological composition of saliva. The device that is fixed to a patient’s cheek can completely replace blood tests.

Scientists create amazing laser capable of evaporating matter

In 2014, when a 1-petawatt laser was created, media compared it to the Death Star from Star Wars. A more recent development made in Europe has yielded a laser that is 10 times as powerful as the previous one.

DroneBullet: the drone that kills other drones

Military budgets of most leading countries already include expenses on building drone fighting machines. There are many ways to disarm them. But what better way to fight a drone than with another drone?

Arsenic breathing microbe discovered in the Pacific Ocean

Arsenic is a toxic and carcinogenic chemical, but the Earth is home to a diverse number of species which includes organisms that not only remain unharmed by it, but need it for survival.

ISS Specialists Find a Way to Maintain Astronauts’ Health

Space flights adversely affect astronauts’ health. Particularly affected are their muscles and bones, therefore astronauts have to undergo long courses of rehabilitation after space expeditions. However, ISS specialists have developed a method to make them considerably shorter.

How to install Wi-Fi in a natural disaster zone

Insufficiently rapid reactions to natural disasters often lead to many deaths which could be reduced by setting up better connection within the area. Weather, a subsidiary of IBM, predicts that up to seven hurricanes will hit the United States in 2019. There are currently plans to develop quick Internet installation technology to deal with these disasters.

Borophene vs Graphene

Borophene is a two-dimensional monoatomic material first synthesized in 2015. Its properties are still being studied, but it is already called the “killer of graphene”, for the production of which fantastic amounts of money have recently been allocated.

BAE Systems tests unique plane

BAE Systems is a UK-based defense company launching a real revolution in the aircraft industry. One of their innovations is a plan to get rid of mechanical manoeuvring units on aircraft.  

Samsung offers a new look at familiar objects

Public consciousness has long grown accustomed to the idea that televisions need to have a rectangular shape with a long base, or at least be represented as a square. But Samsung has another opinion on this topic.

Drones Learn to See Aircraft

Iris Automation has developed an automated course correction system for drones. It will enable safe use of UAVs at high altitudes facilitating their implementation and expanding their scope of application.

Drone makes first kidney transplant delivery

Scientists from the University of Maryland have transported a human kidney using a drone, followed by successful transplantation into a critically ill patient. This is the first such case in history.