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Черную дыру Стрелец А* сфотографируют

The black hole Sagittarius A* will be photographed

Images of black holes have always been difficult to capture. But now this problem has been solved, and the first snapshot of a strange space object is waiting for us.
General Atomics научит британские беспилотники уклоняться от столкновений

General Atomics to Teach UK Drones to Prevent Collisions

The American company will equip the United Kingdom’s aircraft with state-of-the-art electronics expanding the scope of their use for military and civilian purposes.
Антивакцинаторство угрожает безопасности города в США

Antivaccine Movement Threatens the Safety of a County in Washington State

The antivaccine movement is gaining increasingly more supporters around the world, especially in the USA. The developments are taking a threatening turn.
Europe gets ready to conquer the Moon

Europe gets ready to conquer the Moon

Mass media outlets haven’t paid much attention to the European Space Agency’s space programme. And it is in vain, because the ESA has been stepping up its efforts in this area.
Ученые сообщили о риске экологической катастрофы

Researchers Warn of an Environmental Disaster Risk

Most people have heard about the dangers of carbon dioxide emissions into the air. Scientists have come up with another argument why mankind should abandon its destructive policies.
Придуман язык для общения людей и машин

Language for human-autonomous cars communication is here

Jaguar, keen to facilitate the interaction between people and driverless taxis, and has developed a language of its own for this purpose.
Amazon Working on Unmanned Deliveries

Amazon Working on Unmanned Deliveries

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has launched the development of an unmanned goods delivery system.

Valet Parking Robots to Park Our Vehicles

The technology developed by a French brand will help you to park a car, where there seems to be no space at all.

Scientists Unveil the Origin of Life of Earth

There are questions that have for centuries occupied the minds of leading thinkers. The answer to one of them has finally been found.

New Details Emerge around Samsung Galaxy S10

Pictures of Samsung’s new flagship have seeped into the Internet. One of its new features is a cryptocurrency storage application.

Elon Musk Announces Tesla’s New Functionality

With the new Sentry Mode to be introduced soon, as announced by Elon Musk, people will not have to worry about the safety of their vehicles any more.

Scientists Discover New Type of Blood Vessels

German scientists have proven that bones contain a whole system of blood vessels.