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Голландские ученые создали робота-насекомое

Dutch researchers have created a robot insect

"DelFly", the robot's name speaks for itself: the device resembles an ordinary fly and its main specific feature is the ability to fly.
Гарвардские ученые создали суперсовременный экзоскелет

Harvard scientists have created an ultramodern exoskeleton

The device’s main advantage over its peers is the ability to adapt to user specifics.
«Хаббл» обнаружил новую галактику

Hubble discovers a new galaxy

The telescope's discovery happened quite by accident. This case clearly shows how little we know about the world in which we live.
Американские разработчики создали робота-спортсмена

American developers have created an athlete robot

Atlas is an amazing invention. This robot can do things that not everyone can do.
Летающая лампа от итальянских дизайнеров

A floating lamp by Italian designers

You can find many interesting projects on Kickstarter. Let's talk about what might be the most creative lamp in the world.
Создан способ сварки металла и пластика

A method of welding metal and plastic has been created

How can you connect components of a different nature? For example, plastic and metal? German engineers have presented their solution to this problem.
Придумана технология, которая переводит мысли в слова

New technology that translates thoughts into words

This week scientists from Columbia University (USA) have distinguished themselves by creating a program for synthesizing human speech based on "reading" thoughts.

Latvia has come up with an unusual use for lightning

As it turns out, a common natural phenomenon may well be useful... in the music industry! The Latvian company, EricaSynths, has released an outlandish musical instrument.

In Taiwan they have created a computer desk

Many users put their PC on the table. But the Taiwanese company went even further and created a computer built right into the worktop.

A 500 year experiment

In 2014, a grandiose project was launched to determine the age limit of long-lived bacteria. It will take half a millennium.

Hypercars that run on electric motors: they’re not as far away as we think

Electric motors will soon be used not only in ordinary cars, but also in racing supercars and premium cars.

Smart prostheses are around the corner

New artificial limbs based on AI technology will allow them to adapt to the needs of their users.