Little Printer: a new means of communication - Hitecher
Little Printer – новое средство коммуникации

Little Printer: a new means of communication

by Hitecher

Little Printer is a device created by Berg, serving as a means of quickly printing small documents - however, the project initially flopped. Today, the concept has been revived, but in a brand-new format.

The gadget has not undergone any significant transformations, however its purpose has fundamentally changed. Now, Little Printer works with a server with an open Sirius source code and a Share sheet service, which are necessary to remotely receive printing orders. The device is also accompanied by its very own iOS app and API, which can connect it to IFTTT. These measures simplify online data processing, which was the initial purpose of Little Printer.

Most importantly, Little Printer can now be introduced into a unified data sharing network. Each network unit has its own identifier which can be transformed into a QR code and linked with your phone. Users can set up access to their gadgets and use them for communication: instant messages are printed right before their eyes.


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