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Как провести краш-тест, причинив машине минимум повреждений

How to perform a crash test with minimum damage to the car

by Hitecher

Before a new car goes on sale, the automaker needs to know how it will behave in an accident. To this end, the manufacturer performs a series of crash tests that inflict severe damage to the vehicle. But when it comes to high-end cars, even the richest company can’t afford such luxury...

Recently, APEX ONE studio presented a film on the approach employed by Koenigsegg — a company that came up with a unique method to perform full-fledged crash tests causing minimal damage to the vehicle. If the company produced mass-scale economy class cars, it could afford to smash several dozen ones without big financial losses. But Koenigsegg manufactures slightly over ten elite sports cars a year, so it can’t afford such expenses.

To start with, Koenigsegg always tests only one car, repairing it after each new crash test. Moreover, only its «base» — the chassis and key mechanisms moving the vehicle — is tested. Other pieces get installed after the parameters are calculated and the components are modified. So, a full-fledged car is tested to comply with all legal requirements and the company knows in advance that it will withstand it.

This approach allows Koenigsegg not to crush test a dozen cars but only to repair some components of a single vehicle. The cost of each repair is calculated and budgeted by the company. This method allows it to be by far more efficient than its wasteful competitors.


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