"Brain-computer" interface: what does blood circulation have to do with it? - Hitecher
Интерфейс «мозг-компьютер»: при чем тут кровообращение?

“Brain-computer” interface: what does blood circulation have to do with it?

by Hitecher

A direct data exchange between the brain and the computer is a subject of heated discussions in the scientific community. Recently, another breakthrough has been made in this area.

An opportunity to directly exchange data between the computer and the brain would solve a variety of problems, such as enabling people with paralysis to communicate with the outside world. However, a special implant has to be put in the patient’s brain in order to create a neural interface and such surgery is fraught with adverse consequences.

But Synchron has recently created the Stentrode, an implant that can be placed in the brain without surgery — the device will be delivered to grey matter through the jugular vein.

According to the researchers, it will take about two weeks for the implant to incorporate into the tissue — this information emerged after successful tests in animals. The company has recently got a go-ahead for testing the invention in humans. Five patients with various mouth and arm disorders will be the test subjects.


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