Antivaccine Movement Threatens the Safety of a County in Washington State - Hitecher
Антивакцинаторство угрожает безопасности города в США

Antivaccine Movement Threatens the Safety of a County in Washington State

by Hitecher

The antivaccine movement is gaining increasingly more supporters around the world, especially in the USA. The developments are taking a threatening turn.

Clark County is known to be an anti-vaxxer stronghold in Washington State. The number of unvaccinated children in the county is 8%. Accurate data on adult vaccination rates are not known for certain, as disclosure of medical information is prohibited, but there is every reason to believe that they are also high.

However, only 1% of the people refusing vaccination are guided by medical contraindications, others act out of their personal convictions. It was only a matter of time before the situation got out of control …

A state of emergency has been recently declared in Clark County. The reason is the threat posed by a rapid spread of measles. At the moment, 23 cases of infection have been recorded. The situation risks turning into an epidemic.

The authorities are urging people to refrain from visiting crowded places and actively inform them about the symptoms of the disease. 20 infected children have already received necessary medical treatment, and in some cases it had to be done against the will of their parents. Health professionals actively express their discontent, because the incident could have been avoided were it not for the unfailing perseverance of anti-vaxxers.


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