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Bloomberg: Huawei выпустит смартфон с 3D-камерой

Bloomberg: Huawei to release a smartphone with a 3D camera

by James B. Hutcherson on

Mobile news

The new phone is to come out this month and will appear in stores in a few weeks. Bloomberg reports that the Chinese company Huawei has developed a new smartphone capable to take 3D photos. There have been no official announcements so far and the company representatives have declined to comment.

The phone, code-named Princeton, will boast Sony sensors capable to measure a distance on the basis of the light reflected by objects. Sony has not commented on the information leak either.

The new smartphone will make 3D images as well as create 3D models of objects that users can send each other and use in applications with augmented reality. Another feature of the new camera is the ability to manage applications and games with gestures.

Huawei is the world’s second-largest smartphone manufacturer after Samsung. Princeton’s release may give the company a competitive edge as the new functionalities are likely to attract even the most sophisticated users who are not easily impressed.

Not only Princeton but Huawei’s other new smartphone models may also boast 3D cameras.

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