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Apple promises to create the biggest iPhone yet

Apple promises to create the biggest iPhone yet

by James B. Hutcherson on

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It has become harder for Apple to surprise their fans. Of course, every new iPhone outperforms previous models in terms of performance, but there have been no revolutionary changes over the past few years except for the design of the iPhone X and the addition of two cameras.

In 2018, the company plans to release three new smartphones, including a model with the largest screen on the market: 6.5 inches. The new smartphone will be larger than the iPhone 8 Plus (5.5 inches) and even larger than the frameless iPhone X with a diagonal length of 5.8 inches. Apparently, Apple is still competing with Samsung. The Korean manufacturer’s flagship model, Galaxy S 9+, has a diagonal length of 6.2 inches.

Apple’s new line will be designed for a growing number of users who need multi-tasking gadgets that combine the functions of a phone and a tablet – so-called phablets. A larger screen will especially attract business users who constantly write emails or work with spreadsheets. Like the iPhone 8 Plus, the new phone is likely to include a split screen mode for different applications. In addition, a larger phone might attract iPad users and slow the recently resumed sales growth of the company’s tablets. Also, the flagship phone might become a more accessible version of the iPhone X.

Like the iPhone X, the larger model will include a face ID scanner that allows you to unlock the device and make payments. Apple will also offer an update for the older iPhone X. The smartphones of the new line will receive the next-generation A12 processors. Consumers will receive new, but still high-end smartphones, in a stainless steel case.

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