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Учёные обнаружили новый тип кровеносных сосудов

Scientists Discover New Type of Blood Vessels

German scientists have proven that bones contain a whole system of blood vessels.
ООН работает над диетой будущего

UN To Develop Diet of the Future

The Earth’s population is rapidly growing which is leading to a lack of food. International organizations are beginning to look for solutions.
Созданный 3D принтером имплант прошёл испытания на мышах

3D-printed Implant Tested On Mice

A 3D-printed part of a spinal cord helped a mouse regain the use of its legs. Human body parts are next.

Scientists Discover Plants’ Amazing Ability

It sounds incredible but some types of plants can… hear! Their hearing however is different from that of humans.

Scientists grow blood vessels from stem cells

This spells a breakthrough in the treatment of cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

Mobile Application to Detect Overdoses

US scientists have developed an application dubbed «Second Chance» which is able to detect an opioid overdose. It measures a patient’s respiratory…

A New Way To Fight Cancer

Researchers from the University of Basel have come up with a new way to fight cancer. After carefully studying…

Scientist Develop a Vaccine against All Types of Ebola Virus

A group of scientists at the University of Texas Medical Branch (USA) has developed a unique vaccine capable of protecting mankind…

Y Combinator is interested in the fight against aging

Y Combinator has launched a program to support biological start-ups which are at the laboratory…

Complete skin regeneration with transgenic stem cells

In early November an article was published in “Nature” which claimed a great victory for…