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The Swiss police change over to Tesla Model X

The Swiss police change over to Tesla Model X

by Evan Mcbride on


The Swiss police have converted Tesla Model X to patrol vehicles.

A few months ago the Swiss police announced that they were replacing 7 diesel cars with 7 Tesla Model X 100D electric cars.

In the Police Department official instagram, the staff shows how the electric cars were modified for police service. Specifically, the policemen installed emergency lights, STOP blinkers and other accessories.

A police car that costs nearly $100, 000 may spark some taxpayers’ questions. However, the department argues that this move will help save money thanks to lower operating costs and the vehicles’ higher value in the secondary market.

The police of the Basel-Stadt canton (Switzerland) are leaders in the transition to electric cars with this trend becoming increasingly popular with the police departments all over the world.

For example, in the US, the Los Angeles Police Department and the Denver Police Department converted Model S sedans to patrol cars. In the province of Ontario (Canada) the Police use Model X and the Luxemburg Police have started Model S tests.

Next year, the Scotland Yard plans to start using environmentally friendly vehicles. The UK police are considering Tesla electric cars and hydrogen-fueled ones as possible options.

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