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Apple Music появится на умных колонках Echo от Amazon

Apple Music Is Coming to Amazon Echo Smart Speakers

by James B. Hutcherson on


Amazon has announced that Apple Music would now be available on its smart Echo speakers. From December 17, the new agreement between the two corporations will allow Echo users, who have subscribed to Apple streaming service, to listen to any tracks from Apple’s music catalogue of over 50-million songs using Alexa voice assistant.

Amazon’s analysts have found that playing music is one of the most popular features of the smart speaker. Moreover, many gadget owners started listening to more music than ever before.

The deal with Amazon is almost a forced step for Apple as it is considerably lagging behind its competitors in the sale of its own smart speakers. This year, Apple has sold 3.5 million HomePod devices compared to 16.2 million Google Home units and 28.5 million Echos. Apple is now seeking to increase the number of devices where its streaming service will be available.

The company used a similar move in 2015 by releasing Apple Music application for Android. The number of application downloads on Google Play exceeded 10 million.

However, Apple Music can hardly be expected to be available on Google smart speakers, as the two companies are direct competitors in mobile technologies. In the smartphones market, Google is challenging Apple phones with its Pixel devices, and Android is the main competitor of iOS operating system.

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