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Man Against Machine

Man Against Machine

Robots are being attacked more and more often. Where is this aggression coming from and can people and machines peacefully coexist?
A super hero’s suit demonstrates its worth on the army assault course

A super hero’s suit demonstrates its worth on the army assault course

Inventor Richard Browning wearing his futuristic suit covers an army assault course and impresses the British military.\n
Amazon to Make People Stay Away From People

Amazon to Make People Stay Away From People

For security purposes Amazon employees will get utility belts that ward off robots.

Gadgets for Four-Legged Users

Annual Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas (USA) showcased a number of amazing devices intended for our four-legged friends. Mousr, a mouse robot Although cats were domesticated thousands of years ago,...

Scientists Have Created an Infinite Fuel Rocket

A group of scientists from the University of Central Florida (USA) and Honeybee Robotics specialists have developed a prototype of a rocket that is able to extract water from celestial bodies and turn it into...

Ancient Lizards Brought Back to Life as Robots

People have always had an inquisitive mind about the past, especially when it comes to those ancient times when Homo sapiens was still a long way from being the master of the Earth. Swiss and German scientists...

3D Printing Can Now Be Done 100 Times Faster

Scientists from the University of Michigan have come up with a fundamentally new 3D printing method. Instead of the traditional way of making 3D objects layer by layer using plastic fibers, the researchers...

Nike Debuts Its New Smart Sneakers

Nike has recently debuted its latest model of self-lacing Adapt BB sneakers. They are equipped with a small motor and several sensors that track the position of your foot. Nike released its first model...

Qualcomm Refuses to Supply Modem Chips to Apple

Qualcomm, a modem manufacturer, refused to supply its chips for the latest iPhone models after Apple accused it of anti-competitive behavior. It was stated by Apple's Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams...

New smart phones from Xiaomi sell like hot cakes

On 15 January 2019, Redmi Note 7 smartphone from Xiaomi released under a separate brand went on sale. The Corporation has grand plans for this economy class gadget for it expects to ship a million units in...

Amazon’s assistant advises a user to kill his foster parents

Alexa probably read the regrettable joke in one of the forums

What is a smart home and how do they work?

Economists say a country's level of well-being is determined by the quality of life of the average person.

Virtual reality license: how much does the first 8K TV cost?

The Japanese broadcaster NHK launched the first ultra-high definition channel with an 8K resolution on December 1st, 2018. Available only to a limited number of viewers in Tokyo, the new broadcast format...

Bloomberg: Huawei to release a smartphone with a 3D camera

The new phone is to come out this month and will appear in stores in a few weeks. Bloomberg reports that the Chinese company Huawei has developed a new smartphone capable to take 3D photos. There have been...

Samsung to Release a 5G Smartphone in 2019

December 4 marked the launch of the annual Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit 2018 hosted by Qualcomm, a leader in the development of mobile processors and wireless communications. The summit will focus on the...