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Создан способ сварки металла и пластика

A method of welding metal and plastic has been created

How can you connect components of a different nature? For example, plastic and metal? German engineers have presented their solution to this problem.
Придумана технология, которая переводит мысли в слова

New technology that translates thoughts into words

This week scientists from Columbia University (USA) have distinguished themselves by creating a program for synthesizing human speech based on "reading" thoughts.
В Латвии придумали необычное применение молний

Latvia has come up with an unusual use for lightning

As it turns out, a common natural phenomenon may well be useful... in the music industry! The Latvian company, EricaSynths, has released an outlandish musical instrument.

In Taiwan they have created a computer desk

Many users put their PC on the table. But the Taiwanese company went even further and created a computer built right into the worktop.

Hypercars that run on electric motors: they’re not as far away as we think

Electric motors will soon be used not only in ordinary cars, but also in racing supercars and premium cars.

General Atomics to Teach UK Drones to Prevent Collisions

The American company will equip the United Kingdom’s aircraft with state-of-the-art electronics expanding the scope of their use for military and civilian purposes.

Amazon Working on Unmanned Deliveries

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has launched the development of an unmanned goods delivery system.

New Details Emerge around Samsung Galaxy S10

Pictures of Samsung’s new flagship have seeped into the Internet. One of its new features is a cryptocurrency storage application.

Man Against Machine

Robots are being attacked more and more often. Where is this aggression coming from and can people and machines peacefully coexist?

A super hero’s suit demonstrates its worth on the army assault course

Inventor Richard Browning wearing his futuristic suit covers an army assault course and impresses the British military.

Amazon to Make People Stay Away From People

For security purposes Amazon employees will get utility belts that ward off robots.

Gadgets for Four-Legged Users

Annual Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas (USA) showcased a number of amazing devices…