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Робот-буксировщик HyQReal может передвинуть 3-тонный самолет

Meet HyQReal: a tow robot that can move a 3 tonne plane

The four-legged HyQReal robot was developed by scientists at the Italian Institute of Technology and presented at the ICRA 2019 conference. The machine demonstrated some uncanny talents at the event: despite its small size, it managed to move a 3 tonne plane across a 14 meter distance.
Инженеры создали робота-амфибию, способного передвигаться где угодно

Engineers Create an Amphibious Robot That Can Move Anywhere

Amphibous robots have been around for a long time, but they are all equipped with dangerous blades that can cause harm to marine animals and plants. A fundamentally different approach was demonstrated by scientists from the University of Pennsylvania and McGill University, who have made their Aqua2 machine completely safe.
Как выглядит совместная работа человека и робота

A man and a robot work together: what does it look like?

When given specific instructions, robots are very useful in industry. But researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) believe, it would make more sense to turn them into full-fledged members of the work team.

Little Printer: a new means of communication

Little Printer is a device created by Berg, serving as a means of quickly printing small documents - however, the project initially flopped. Today, the concept has been revived, but in a brand-new format.

Doggo: the robot stuntman

Doggo was created by students at Stanford University. The machine is built in a way that it can be assembled by anyone. The necessary components can be purchased in stores, while the software and necessary documentation are publicly available.

Google introduces new VR headset

The device is called Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Its initial purpose was exclusively gaming, but it is currently positioned as an instrument for surgeons, engineers and other specialists.

VR mistakes to be punished in real life

Feedback is an important component of computer games. A recent development at the University of Portsmouth represents a completely new type of in-game interaction. A group of students led by James Bruton built a robot that hits gamers for making mistakes in VR.

Kymera, an Electric One-man Watercraft for Real Speed Lovers

We all know about electric cars, electric motorcycles and even electric powered aircraft. But what about the water transport?

Mousegun, a New Type of Gamepad for Shooters

Chinese manufacturer Ragnok has presented a new type of a game controller. The gadget is designed exclusively for shooters, first-person games involving a lot of shooting. The device is designed as a hybrid of a vertical joystick and a pistol.

Lenovo will create a unique folding computer

Lenovo recently presented the concept for their latest device. The project still doesn’t have an official name, but many have rushed to call it a folding computer, even though the gadget might end up looking more like a laptop or tablet.

Alfa-X — a Japanese Bullet Train

Alfa-X is a high-speed train presented by JR East this week. The maximum speed the train can travel with is 400 kilometers per hour, which makes it the world’s fastest commercial passenger train.

Luna-29 mission may be led by robot

According to recently leaked information, the moon rover for the Luna-29 mission might be piloted by an anthropomorphic robot - presumably, FEDOR - currently being developed by NPO ‘Androidnaya Technika’ and the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects.

Starliner successfully tests parachutes

According to official sources, the unmanned test flight of the Starliner spacecraft will take place in August at the earliest, with the manned launch set for the end of the year. Boeing is currently actively testing the spacecraft. Its parachutes, intended for the crew’s safe landing on Earth inside a capsule, were recently tested in terms of functionality.

Can your shower hose climb walls?

Robotics is an area that is changing right before our eyes, with standard anthropomorphic robots being replaced by flexible devices that are much more manoeuvrable than their unwieldy counterparts.

Nua Electrica – a self-charging electric bike

Nua Bikes is a Spanish company that has recently presented an electric bike that is completely different from its analogue counterparts. Lightweight and compact, it doesn't need to be charged at all - it does everything on its own.

Dinosaur Robot Demonstrates How Birds Learned to Fly

Scientists have long argued that birds are distant descendants of dinosaurs. However, there seems to have been a transitional species between them, which is called Archeopteryx by the scientific community. Archeopteryxes could not fly, but they made their first attempts to do so.

Scientists create amazing laser capable of evaporating matter

In 2014, when a 1-petawatt laser was created, media compared it to the Death Star from Star Wars. A more recent development made in Europe has yielded a laser that is 10 times as powerful as the previous one.

BAE Systems tests unique plane

BAE Systems is a UK-based defense company launching a real revolution in the aircraft industry. One of their innovations is a plan to get rid of mechanical manoeuvring units on aircraft.  

Samsung offers a new look at familiar objects

Public consciousness has long grown accustomed to the idea that televisions need to have a rectangular shape with a long base, or at least be represented as a square. But Samsung has another opinion on this topic.

Airtop: a computer for emergencies

Israeli company CompuLab has released the third generation of Airtop mini computers. The new computers are particularly resilient and can be used even under the most difficult circumstances.

‘Air bubble’ will make satellite launches cheaper

The space industry could be developing at a faster pace, but unprecedented costs related to spacecraft construction are preventing its growth. The most costly vehicles can reach high altitudes, serving as platforms for satellites. A newly discovered method might make these vehicles much cheaper to build.

The downfall of Galaxy Fold, the idea crisis and the future of smartphones

Samsung has cancelled the release of Galaxy Fold. Why do engineers, designers and users rarely see eye to eye, and what can we expect from the mobile industry in the future?

How Japanese Kirigami Art Helped Harvard University Scientists to Build a Snake-inspired Robot

Last year, Harvard University scientists demonstrated a soft SEAS robot, designed as a snake. It was recently announced that the robot had been improved. It is noteworthy that researchers borrowed some of their ideas from kirigami, a Japanese 3-dimensional paper-cutting paper craft.

P2 Xcursion amphibian plane passes all tests

Electric amphibian planes that can land on water are yet another trend in the world of technology, with many countries working on creating such vehicles. Their ability to land anywhere makes them extremely useful in emergencies.