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Google Clips — камера, которая снимает сама

Google Clips – A camera that shoots itself

by Namito Koda

The IT giant, Google, introduced a new gadget – a miniature camera called Google Clips....

The IT giant, Google, introduced a new gadget – a miniature camera called Google Clips. You might think, what else can you still come up with in this area? There are already GoPro, various steadicams for smartphones, and a bunch of other accessories.

But Google Clips is stuffed with intellectual features like Moment IQ. It is a smart camera that can determine when and what to shoot all by itself. For example, Clips can recognize familiar faces or pets and create small video clips. Often the most interesting, funny, and unusual moments occur when we do not see them or do not have time to shoot it. Google Clips will do it for you. A button for manual shooting is also available.

The device does not use cloud services but stores data on the built-in 16 GB flash memory. Self-learning algorithms are used to recognize and memorize visual images. For example, a camera can pay special attention to people whose faces it sees more often. Data counting is provided by Intel’s Movidius Myriad 2 VPU (Vision Processing Unit) processor.

The camera is managed using with a smartphone application based on Android 7.0 (and above) or iPhone 6 (and above).


Its small size (48.3 by 53.3 mm) and a convenient clip on the back of the case make it convenient to attach the gadget anywhere to get the most unusual and vivid video.

The camera has a fairly large viewing angle of 130 degrees so you can fit many interesting things into the frame. 12 megapixels will provide a good picture.

One charge is enough for about 3 hours of shooting. It is equipped with a USB-C connector for recharging the device.

The only feature that can be considered a minus is the frame rate of 15 fps. It is very low by modern standards. Apparently, this is the price for its compact dimensions: the camera should not only collect data, but also have time to quickly process it.

In the US, Google Clips will be available for $ 249.


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