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Amazon заставит роботов держаться подальше от людей

Amazon to Make People Stay Away From People

by Ethan Oakes

For security purposes Amazon employees will get utility belts that ward off robots.

Amazon is on the forefront of new technologies. Its leadership has been showing continuous support for automation at work and actively introduces different types of innovations. Numbers speak for themselves: in the past year the company hired fewer people than in 2017.

However artificial intelligence today is far from perfect and it cannot substitute employees. At the same time joint work between people and machines often leads to accidents. For example, in December a loading robot accidentally spilled a container with hazardous liquid injuring 20 employees.

Having looked into the situation, the company started giving out utility belts to its employees. The gadget sends a signal to the closest robot to change its route. Before the employees used to have to log in their location to achieve the same result. It’s been decided to substitute this practice by a more effective one.


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