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Status - A mobile platform with its own cryptocurrency

Status – A mobile platform with its own cryptocurrency

by Evan Mcbride on

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Many developers are attracted to the idea of combining the function of an instant messenger and a payment instrument. For example, the creators of Telegram collected $850 million to create the TON blockchain platform and the popular Japanese instant messenger Line added the possibility of exchanging cryptocurrency.

The Status project, based on Ethereum smart contracts, was conceived as a new generation social and economic mobile network controlled by users themselves.

Status is a decentralized mobile browser with messenger and cryptowallet functions. Developers rely on privacy, protection from censorship, and the development of a transparent economic system. An open community allows anyone to participate in the development of the project.

The Status mobile platform allows users to interact with decentralized applications (DApps) and services based on Ethereum. The developers say that the platform can be treated as a mobile OS created on the basis of Ethereum. In a sense, Status visualizes the essence of Ethereum, showing the power and flexibility of smart contract technology.

Status is open source and is part of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), a nonprofit organization that helps blockchain projects interact with Fortune 500 companies. The mission of EEA is to enhance the privacy, security, and scalability of technologies based on Ethereum.

After the successful ICO, in which the project collected $100 million in less than a day, the price of the Status token (SNT) increased several times.

The project continues to develop actively. At the end of February, the alpha release of 0.9.14 for iOS and Android was released.

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