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The startup Qarnot will release a miner and a house heater

The startup Qarnot will release a miner and a house heater

by Evan Mcbride on

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The French company, Qarnot, will release an unusual household appliance that simultaneously functions as a cryptocurrency miner and a space heater. The QC1 crypto-heater combines a computer with two powerful AMD graphics cards (Radeon RX580 with 8 GB of video memory) and a radiator with a passive cooling system enclosed in a stylish case.

The profitability of mining at home is uncertain. In addition to the costs for the equipment itself, mining enthusiasts are faced with the problems of cooling the video cards. To use the heat generated by the mining of crypto is not a new idea, but the Qarnot startup offered an elegant solution that is easy to integrate into an ordinary apartment. The heater operates silently thanks to the passive cooling system and the lack of a hard drive.

By default, QC1 mines Ethereum. The efficiency of the mining reaches 60 megahexes 1 per second. The built-in computer has a Linux server that allows users to customize the device at their discretion, for example, to choose another cryptocurrency to mine.

Setting up the QC1 is very simple. Just connect the Ethernet cable and enter the address of the Ethereum wallet in the mobile application. The cryptocurrency goes directly to your wallet and Qarnot does not receive any commission for mining.

The price of QC1 may seem high: today you can order a heater for $3,600. But Qarnot expects that the device will be popular because it is a heater that reimburses the cost of electricity consumed. At the current price for Ethereum, QC1 will bring in about $120 per month.

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