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Skrumble Network

SKM (Skrumble Network). Scam?..

by Ethan Oakes

Description The project team offers us an allegedly secure and anonymous messenger using blockchain technology....


Skrumble Network

Skrumble Network (SKM)

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The project team offers us an allegedly secure and anonymous messenger using blockchain technology. On it you can exchange secure messages, make calls, and make payments using different cryptocurrencies. Skrumble, as claimed by the developers, can not be blocked and it even surpasses Telegram in convenience and technology.

The Team

It is presented extensively, but without details. Among the creators of the project are many businessmen, co-founders of the company, but there are no specialists in blockchain or mobile applications or other new technologies. The company is represented mainly by Chinese financiers – partners from abroad were not involved.

Why is it a scam?

  1. A site without registration was “thrown together” with no major reviews from trustworthy publishers.
  2. Only 5-10 people visit the site per day – and this is during the active sale of tokens.
  3. The mobile application for Skrumble was created in 2016 – it has 100 downloads and there is no blockchain technology. Developers just bought a cheap messenger.
  4. A huge percentage of bonus tokens – 25 at a rate of 5-10


The project is definitely a scam and is not worth anything. The main idea – a messenger based on blockcahin – has not yet been released as an ICO, instead an application was released on GooglePlay two years ago. Judging by the Chinese origin of the project, it is aimed at uneducated cryptocurrency users in China.

Rating: 0 out of 10


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